Commission Portraits

Cherish the beloved creature in your life for all time with a unique portrait by artist J. Elizabeth Gyles Johnson.

Commission a pencil or colored pencil drawing or acrylic gouache painting of your own or someone’s animal friend, favorite animal, or pet.  An original cat or dog portrait can be just the right gift.  It can be a way to honor or create a memorial for a beloved creature. 

Elizabeth has the talent to find that special personality of your pet and incorporate it into a portrait for you to enjoy for many years.  She is committed to artistic excellence and to your satisfaction.  Elizabeth welcomes requests for portraits of all kinds of creatures—in addition to dog and cat portraits, horses, rabbits, cows, sheep, ….and wild animals.

Animals are part of our lives.  Whether we find them in the wild or in our homes, they find a way into our hearts.



Please know that all portraits are original art drawn by the artist and not digitally created.   You will need to send several photos.  These can be emailed and will need to be at least 4x5 inches in size.  Several photos (6 or 7) are necessary to catch as many personal details as possible.  Be sure to include at least 2 close ups of the face and especially the eyes.  Photos taken at eye level of the animal are best.    The quality of the photographs must be approved by the artist before the portrait process is begun.  Please do not send photographs with a copyright unless you also send written permission from the owner of the copyright.  You will also want to send Elizabeth a paragraph or two describing the special personality of the subject of the portrait.  She will incorporate this into the expression in the portrait.


helpful information

It is good to plan three weeks for your portrait to be completed.  Sometimes portraits can be completed more quickly, depending on the artist’s schedule.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you are needing a rush job.  It may be workable.

Plan to pay one-half of the portrait fee up front through Pay-pal.  You will be sent a photo of the portrait via email when it is almost complete for your approval.  Upon completion of the portrait, you will send the balance of the cost of the portrait via Pay-pal.  Your portrait will then be shipped to you through Federal Express.  A small shipping charge will be added to your total.  I do not frame the portraits so that you may choose a design that fits the personality of your own home.
J Elizabeth Gyles Johnson reserves all copyright privileges for her art.  You may not reproduce the portrait you purchase for any reason. If you wish to have extra prints, you may order them from the artist.

If you have questions, please email Elizabeth using the link at the top of this page.

The watermark shown here will not be on your portrait.


Animal Portrait Prices

size                                    medium                           price
11 x 14                        graphite/charcoal                    $145.00
11 x 14                        colored pencil                         $165.00
11 x 14                  acrylic gouache on panel            $240.00  

16 x 20                     graphite/charcoal                    $189.00
16 x 20                      colored pencil                        $215.00
16 x 20                acrylic gouache on panel            $265.00

50% Additional fee for a second subject

Full body portraits:
Add an additional $35.00 for graphite/charcoal
                              $50.00 for colored pencils
                              $75 for acrylic gouache

Extra Prints
First Print:      8 x 10               $25.00  

                     (additional prints $5.00)
                     11 x 14               $35.00  

                     (additional prints $7.00)
                     16 x 20               $45.00  

                     (additional prints $9.00)



Hi, we just received Sophee's portrait.  It brought tears to both our eyes.  Thank-you very much.  Your attention to detail is truly appreciated. 
                                          ---Angie & Dj

My husband just loved Domino's portrait!  Thank you so much for your wonderful work!               

I am a lucky and proud owner of an original graphite and charcoal portrait by Elizabeth. The character and charisma of our Sierra- her true essence- smiles back at us through Elizabeth's fine work. She was such a joy through the entire process, as well.