Creative Pencils Online Workshops

Elizabeth has taught art and creativity, especially drawing, to students of all ages since 1999. Her current focus is drawing and mixed media collage/altered art, often finding ways to combine the two in one finished piece. As a self-taught artist, Elizabeth is particularly sensitive to the questions and needs of the students. Her lessons are thorough and easy to understand. She encourages each student to find their own sense of creativity and style. Elizabeth uses a right-brained approach to teaching drawing. She has found this to be very effective as she has taught hundreds of students to draw using graphite pencils, colored pencils as well as watercolor pencils. Recently in a drawing class that she was teaching, a long time student told a beginning student, “Get ready to be amazed by yourself.”

One of the wonderful things about the online format is that you can move along at your own pace. Sometimes you will run into a lesson that creates a bit more challenge for you and you need to just stop and sit there for a while. And sometimes life gets in the way and creates a slight detour for a few days. In a group class setting the group must move on whether you are ready for it or not. So, it is nice that here in our internet drawing world you can wait when you need to wait and sprint ahead when you are ready to soar.

Here are my available workshops.